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How Long Should Your AC Last?

How Long Should Your AC Last?

Your air conditioner provides you relief from the harsh weather outside. And if you have an air conditioner, you need to get it checked and serviced regularly. Unfortunately, instead of checking and servicing, your device may need to be replaced after a point in time. Fortunately, there are telltale signs for when you have to replace your air conditioner. 

Life Expectancy

A factor to keep in mind is the maintenance of the device throughout its lifetime. If your house came with a pre-installed AC in it, it would be hard to figure out if the earlier tenants took good care of it. So more than the timeline, you need to depend on symptoms and signs from your AC. If you have any issues, call up an AC installation in Atlantic Beach, FLfor immediate assistance. 

Those who buy their air conditioners and get them installed themselves have a better idea of when to get their devices replaced. Usually, a manufacturer tells you the life expectancy of an AC unit, but a few factors can alter that life expectancy. These factors include the installation period of the device, cleanliness of the pipes, and if the AC is large enough for the house. 

Keeping those factors in mind, a normally functioning air conditioner should last you 15-20 years. If the device has been installed well by a good company, it will last long. But if it was installed poorly and lets out strange noises when you turn it on, it will not last you as long. 

Generally speaking, if it has been 15 or more years since you got the air conditioner in your house, you want to start considering replacement. Before you start looking up AC companies near me, consider the following suggestions – 

  • Instead of calling a local AC installation in Atlantic Beach, FL, company, do basic cleaning and maintenance yourself. You should first make sure that you have the perfect air filters for your house. Then, take out your manufacturer’s instruction manual on air filters and follow the instructions.
  • Besides these activities, make sure your air conditioner is getting checked by a professional twice a year. The best time to have a professional come in is when you switch modes from heating to cooling and from cooling to heating. 


Another giveaway that your AC needs replacement is when the servicing and repairing prices shoot up to the price of a new device. On the other hand, newer air conditioner units work effectively and don’t cause electricity to shoot up sky-high. 

The skilled and experienced staff over at Island Heating and Air Conditioning, Florida, will solve whatever issue you might have with your device. They make regular inspections, troubleshoot problems, and provide cleaning and maintenance services. Moreover, they can also help you come to a decision swiftly on when to replace your device without taking a big chunk of your wallet.

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