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8 Kinds Of Air Conditioner Noises And What They Mean

8 Kinds Of Air Conditioner Noises And What They Mean

When dealing with the heat and humidity in the Atlantic Beach area, life without an air conditioner seems unbearable during the daytime. If you are used to living with air conditioners and HVAC systems, then Atlantic Beach AC repair service is a true lifesaver for you.

One of the most common issues with air conditioners is the strange noises they make repeatedly. The kind of noise here is more significant than you might think as you can find out the issue by listening to the noise closely. The following is a list of the most common noises that air conditioner units make and what they could mean. 

1). Whirring 

A whirring sound is typically the result of fan-related issues. Either the indoor blower fan motor or the outdoor unit. A fan loosening up or being broken or bent is generally the problem.

2). Buzzing or Humming

A buzzing sound generally means that the unit is overdue for a thorough cleaning because dirt and debris have accumulated and are hindering the movement of the unit’s parts. Humming and buzzing can also indicate electrical issues.

3). Rattling or Chattering

Such sounds are generally heard because of loose parts like nuts and bolts. Another cause can be debris in the condenser coil.

4). Clanking

Clanking indicates that either the indoor or outdoor blower fan or the compressor itself has become loose or imbalanced and is hitting other parts.

5). Clicking

A clicking sound is generally considered normal. However, regular, loud, and persistent clicking noises can mean anything from the unit needing cleaning to an impending electrical failure. It could also be related to an issue with the thermostat.

6). Dripping

The dripping or gurgling sound or any other wet noise can either come from a refrigerant line or the condenser line. Problems with refrigerant leaks can make the unit shut down and even break down if left unchecked, just as the condensate leak. The water can cause severe harm to the electric components of the unit.

7). Banging

The banging sound is generally associated with the compressor. While the air conditioning installation near me is running, a banging sound can be taken as a sure sign of the compressor or blower being imbalanced or damaged in another way.

8). Hissing or Screaming

The high-pitched sound usually means that something is hindering your unit’s compressor or refrigerant. The safest way to proceed in such a case is to shut down the unit completely and immediately call a technician.

It is pertinent for owners searching for air conditioning installation near me as well as those who already own a unit to have this basic yet most useful set of information. So, by now, you know exactly when to call an Atlantic Beach AC repair provider or the service provider of AC tune-up Atlantic Beach FL and precisely what to ask of them. 

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