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Top 5 HVAC Maintenance Tips For You

Top 5 HVAC Maintenance Tips For You

Pruning the lawn and decorating your home are simple ways to maintain your home and enhance its value and quality. Similarly, there are manageable things you can do to take care of your cooling and heating appliance to keep it running when you require it the most. As an extra benefit, it can lessen emergency calls and extend your HVAC appliance’s lifespan. Preventive maintenance of air conditioning units in the spring and fall helps a lot.

Below are five tips to add to your home maintenance routine – 

Clean Your Condensing Unit

Most ACs have an outdoor condensing unit, outside with a fan on top to disperse heat in summers. The metal plates on the condensing unit often get blocked with silt, dirt, pollen, and filth. Once each season, sprinkle the outside of the air conditioning unit with a water hose to clear it. Please do not use a high-pressure washer because it will ruin your air conditioning unit forever.

Download a Free HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Before dealing with HVAC maintenance alone, it’s an excellent idea to access a free checklist. This is an incredible place to begin regarding air conditioning installation near me and even AC repair Atlantic Beach FL, as it will provide you with a comprehensive list of everything that should be working and other advice that you might not have thought of, such as lubricating all of the components to avoid friction and checking thermostats for the correct date, time and temperature settings.

Change Your Filters

Disposable filters keep your air conditioning system clean and take out the big particles from your indoor air. You must change them once every three months. You may consider replacing your filters more often when it is allergy season or having pets in your home.

We suggest choosing a filter rated MERV 7-11. Anything more will decrease the airflow on your air conditioning unit, which can put an unnecessary burden on your AC and negatively influence its efficiency.

Clear the Area Around Your HVAC System

Make sure the area encircling your outside unit is invariably clean to stimulate the free flow of air. Occasionally shrubs and vines are overgrown in winter, which can end up covering your outside unit.

It is crucial to chop the shrubs and other plants around your unit to enable enough airflow around it. In addition, you must clear the spaces within three feet of your air conditioning unit. Some trimming and clearing of dirt and dust around your air conditioning system can go a long way in guaranteeing the good health of your HVAC system.

Schedule Seasonal HVAC Maintenance

It’s wise to let a learned person handle all the work. Not only are HVAC specialists equipped to look for issues, planning a seasonal visit will ensure that you don’t ignore your HVAC system. Even though you might not be cooling your residence in the winter, seasonal tune-ups can help assure it stays in the best condition for when spring and summer roll around.

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