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Four Hints That You Need to Replace Your AC

Four Hints That You Need to Replace Your AC

In the wake of the heatwave during the summers, the people realize that their AC units need to be replaced and repaired, but it is so difficult to find professional AC tune-up in Atlantic Beach, FL, and replacement services at an affordable price. An efficient cooling unit is a must for our comfort through the long, sweltering summers and you must keep your AC unit’s health in check before the Ac unit breaks down in the middle of the summer season, putting you and your loved ones in a place of discomfort. But, how would you know if your AC unit needs minor repairs and tune-ups or a replacement? Don’t worry; we’ve listed 4 signs that will help you understand whether your AC needs a replacement.

  1. Your AC unit uses R-22 Freon: The popular HCFC-22 freon has been phased out of production by the US federal government from January 1, 2020. So even though you may be able to still find some places in the Atlantic Beach AC repair circle for very expensive prices, the wise decision would be to replace your system with a new unit that uses R410A refrigerant. 
  2. Your AC is more than 10 years old: The average life of a well-maintained air-conditioning unit is approximately 10-12 years, however, on average, an AC unit begins to show wear and tear around a 10-year mark. If your air conditioner unit is older than a decade, it is only reasonable that you start planning to replace the system, as it will be eco-friendlier and more cost-efficient. An older Ac unit loses efficiency over time and needs more tune-ups and repairs. If you need to call air conditioning installation near me at the time and again, then you should choose to replace your unit. The AC unit that needs frequent repairs also consumes more energy to function properly, hence spiking your electricity bills. 
  3. If the system is working inefficiently: AC units with low SEER ratings use more energy and thus increase the energy bills. New AC units need to have at least a SEER rating of 14, so any unit below 14 must be replaced.
    The system may have some major technical issues that bards the effective cooling of the space. If even after multiple repairs and tune-ups with AC repair in Atlantic Beach, FL the problem is persisting, we recommend you to replace your unit. You can check the efficiency of your unit by conducting a home energy audit by a professional Atlantic Beach AC repair/replacement service.
  4. Frequent breakdowns: Your system is continuously breaking down and you have to keep calling the Atlantic Beach AC repair service professionals? The repair costs, in this case, will add up to all your bills and thus it is more reasonable to get a new ac unit. 

The AC replacements should be done only by professionals, as an Ac unit comprises many small components that need to be fixed and calibrated properly for efficient and effective cooling. If you are looking for Atlantic Beach AC repair and replacement services, call Island Heating and Air Conditioning at (904) 333-6749.