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6 Common Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs Replacing

6 Common Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs Replacing

Most people may own an air conditioner that is ten to fifteen years old. If you are one such owner, you may be a little confused regarding your air conditioner and its replacement.

There is no specific timespan for replacement, but if these problems start troubling you too much, you should consider contacting a technician for air conditioning installation near you.

Signs That You Have to Replace Your Air Conditioner.

Lesser Cool Air

The prime function of an air conditioner is to produce cool air for your comfort. A lack of efficiency in doing this prime function is an obvious indicator for replacement.

If you notice that your air conditioner takes more hours than usual to produce cool air enough for your home, you should consider a quick and immediate replacement job.

Repair Jobs

All air conditioners need repair jobs but in a limited number. Each year, the ideal number of repair jobs an air conditioner needs ranges from zero to five or six. If your current air conditioner demands more repair jobs than this range each year, you should consider replacing it.

Spending money on repair jobs for an old air conditioner is not worth it. Even if you contact a technician for an AC tune-up in Atlantic Beach, FL, each time your air conditioner gives you efficiency issues, it will not regain its efficiency due to old age.

Hot and Cold Pockets

Hot and cold pockets can be due to various reasons, like restricted airflow, dirty air filters, or clogged air ducts. However, if your air conditioner is old and you have frequent hot and cold pockets, you should consider replacing it.

Hot and cold pockets from an old air conditioner indicate that the system cannot regulate the airflow properly and cannot produce enough cool air for the whole place. Forcing the system to continue working will only strain your monthly budget due to excessive repair jobs.

Unwanted Sounds and Smells

No air conditioner owner would want their systems to disturb their peaceful environment through loud noises and unpleasant smells. Efficient air conditioners also sound while working, but it isn’t very important.

As for foul odours, air conditioners maintain indoor air quality by purifying it, so if the quality is down, your air conditioner is the one to blame. An old air conditioner often has several bacteria inside its parts and ducts, making your home smell awful.

Uncomfortable Experience

An air conditioner ensures comfort in your home by maintaining indoor air quality and humidity levels and regulating airflow throughout the house. An old and inefficient air conditioner cannot maintain indoor air quality levels as per your needs and cannot regulate airflow for even air distribution.

If your home has a high moisture content, uneven airflow, and poor indoor air quality, you will feel uncomfortable at your home. You may even think switching the system off is better than using it. In such cases, you should replace your system instead of coping with it.

High Energy Bills

If your air conditioner is old, you must have been in shock when you received the first monthly energy bill in the summer season. An old and inefficient air conditioner will consume an outrageous amount of energy, due to which your energy bills will be unexceptionally high throughout the summer season.


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