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Have You Changed Your Air Filter Recently?

Have You Changed Your Air Filter Recently?

Changing the air filter is one of the top things you can do for the health of your HVAC system on your own. It not only keeps things running well but also helps to save energy costs. There is no better time to swap your air filter for your heating and cooling system than when the seasons change.

For many homes, this is a chore that gets put off for months at a time, resulting in higher energy bills and potential maintenance difficulties that require a prompt search for ‘HVAC contractors near you’.

The Function of Air Filters

Air is sucked into the HVAC system and conditioned before being pumped back into the house. Forcing air through the filter’s pleated cloth traps dust and other impurities floating in the air.

Warnings that it's Time to Replace the Air Filter

Increased Allergies

A spike in cases of asthma and other respiratory disorders, or an increase in the frequency with which they occur, can indicate that the air filters in your home or workplace are clogged and not doing their job of keeping out the particles that trigger these illnesses.

Higher Energy Bills

An unexpected monthly electricity or power bill increase indicates that your air filter needs to be changed. Air filters play a significant role in energy efficiency since a well-functioning filter prevents your HVAC system from working harder to push air through the vents.

Less Cooling

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the air reaching out of the vents is warm instead of chilly, or the temperature in your home isn’t rising as quickly as it used to. If the filter is unclean, the HVAC system won’t be able to move as much air.

Time to Change Your HVAC Filters

The longer a filter is used, the more debris, dust, and allergies it will collect, reducing its effectiveness. When utilizing less expensive fiberglass filters, it is recommended that they be replaced every 30 days.

Standard guidelines assume regular use and filter size and type are irrelevant; high-end pleated filters can last six months. Change your home’s furnace and pleated air filters once every three months.

Why is Changing the Filter Important?

Save on Bills

Clogged filters make cooling and heating your home more of a chore than required. Your energy consumption will rise because of the increased duration of the operation. Air filter replacement can have a positive impact on your utility costs.

Better Air

Your HVAC system’s air filter’s principal responsibility is to purify the air that circulates through it. Fibers in the air filter trap the unwanted particles in the air in your home. When you routinely replace your air filter, you get rid of all the dirt and bacteria it has collected, and your HVAC system is a more effective way to clean the air.

Fewer Repairs

You can avoid costly repairs by regularly keeping up with routine maintenance and by regularly replacing your air filters. Stopping problems before they start saves money on fixing bills. A filthy or old air filter can influence all HVAC problems that require air conditioning repair in Atlantic beach.


Maintaining a consistent schedule of filter changes will keep your HVAC system operating at top efficiency throughout the year. Maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home is better when the air filters are clean, and the air flows freely through them.

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