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How to Avoid AC Repairs This Summer?

How to Avoid AC Repairs This Summer?

Air conditioners, like other equipment with numerous movable parts, require routine maintenance to prevent the danger of unexpected failure. If you want your air conditioner to provide cool air throughout the whole summer, you should begin performing maintenance on it in the spring. It is also essential to have proper AC installation in Atlantic Beach, FL.

Tips to Avoid AC Repairs During Summers

Here are a few tips to avoid Atlantic beach AC repair during the scorching heat.

  • Replace the Air Filter Regularly

You should replace your air filter or clean it every 90 days. Check your filter after 45 days and again after 60 days. This should be performed whenever the length of time elapsed since the last time it was checked changes.

This is because overly dirty and clogged air filters are the source of most HVAC problems. If your air filter is blocked due to dust and other particles, the airflow will be restricted, preventing your HVAC system from functioning correctly.

Inadequate airflow caused by a clogged air filter could, under certain conditions, cause harm to your system and ultimately fail one of its vital components.

  • Check for Leakages

Air conditioners should not have leaks because their main job is to remove heat from a place to maintain a suitable temperature. If there is a leak in any component of the air conditioning system, it will not function as efficiently, consuming more electricity and not cooling as well as it might. An air conditioner may break down and require Atlantic beach AC repair when utilized in such a situation for an extended period. 

  • Clean the Drainage Lines

In addition to delivering cooling, an air conditioner functions to remove humidity from the surrounding air. After that, the moisture collects in the air conditioner’s drain lines and is expelled into the atmosphere. Over time, the drain pipes may get clogged owing to the collection of dirt and dust, which becomes a breeding place for mold and algae.

Therefore, it is a good idea to clean the drain pipe periodically. Using a clean cloth, remove the air conditioner’s outer cover and clean the drain line. Additionally, you may eradicate any mold that may have grown on it by rinsing it with a solution consisting of equal parts water and vinegar.

  • Discover the Indications That it is Time to Replace Your System

The larger the workload of your air conditioning unit, the greater the likelihood that it will overheat and cease to perform. If you want your HVAC system to last as long as possible, you should always keep the thermostat at a reasonable level and never wholly turn it off. 

To avoid the inevitable breakdown of your air conditioning system, however, you will eventually need to replace the system. Be sure to arrange your inspection of AC installation in Atlantic Beach, FL well in advance of summer’s arrival to receive the most helpful advice possible on how to proceed as we approach the warmest months of the year.

You should not delay getting an annual inspection. This may be the most critical thing you can do this summer to keep your air conditioner in good working condition. 


We are confident that keeping up with air conditioner maintenance is the most effective way to avoid a breakdown. However, contact us if your system ultimately fails. We are here to assist! Island Heating and Air Conditioning respond promptly to all requests for air conditioning services.