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What To Do If The Furnace Is Leaking Water?

What To Do If The Furnace Is Leaking Water?

A furnace that leaks or drips water can cause the formation of rust. Rust deteriorates different parts of your furnace, initially leading to a decrease in efficiency and eventually leading to repairs and breakdowns.

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Why is a High-Efficiency Furnace Leaking Water?

When a high-efficiency furnace emits exhaust gasses, there is a formation of condensation. The condensation creates a substantial amount of water on the PVC pipe. Furnace contractors advise that it has to be eliminated either into a floor drain or the condensation pump.

Leaking from the Condensate Drain Hose

The drain pipe, which runs downwards to the PVC drain pipe, could easily get blocked with dirt, debris, and dust. If any tubing used to aid the draining has been damaged, disconnected, or clogged, condensation leaks happen.

Inducer Assembly Leaking

The condensation flows down the exhaust or flue pipe, past the condensate drain pipe, and into the inducer assembly. If an inducer is damaged or cracked, the water could leak from the furnace.

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Leaking from the Condensate Drain Line

When the water has drained the pipe, it goes through the condensate line. If it has a weak connection, hole, or crack, it could result in water leakage. In addition, if the drain line is blocked, it may cause the condensation back up and cause leakage.

Condensate Pump Leaking

The condensate pump is the place the condensate ultimately drains. A malfunctioning pump could cause water to build up and trigger an issue with your furnace. An expert for furnace installation is needed to replace the pump.

Other Reasons Why a Furnace is Leaking Water

Damaged Drain Pan

All HVAC units have a primary drain pan under the coil. The reason for this drain pan is to collect any condensate that may be leaking out. The excess water can flow out or leak if a crack or hole occurs.

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A Frozen Coil

If your unit’s evaporator coil is frozen, your AC unit may begin to leak, and then you might need expert repair and professional assistance.

Clogged Drain Line

A blocked drain line can make the drain break off the pan. Then, the water will run off and collect within the air conditioner.

How to Deal with Furnace Leaks?

Finding out the exact cause is vital to stop furnace leaks. The HVAC technician will thoroughly examine your heating system looking for leaks from your furnace. The process the HVAC technician follows to stop the leak depends on the type of leak encountered.

In the case of leaks caused by a blocked condensate trap, your HVAC technician will flush the obstruction and suggest regularly scheduled cleaning of the traps to avoid clogs in the future. Drain lines that are damaged can be replaced if needed.

In the event of leaks caused by your humidifier, your HVAC technician will inspect the lines of water for evidence of pinhole or crack leaks. Technicians will also examine for connections to your humidifier and the water lines to ensure they are aligned. Incorrectly fitted and disconnected lines could result in sudden water leaks.

If there are leaks that affect either the secondary or primary heat exchanger, it is possible that your HVAC technician could recommend a complete heating replacement. It is wise to consult with your HVAC technician to find out which solutions are best for your home.


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