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How Long Does AC Tune-Up Take?

How Long Does AC Tune-Up Take?

Getting your AC tuned up is quite significant for its better health. It is like a regular check-up of your AC to find problems and then attend to them. If your AC is not tuned up, you might waste your money and electricity.

An AC tune-up should be done by a professional with high knowledge about the ACs and other electronic devices and their best and most efficient working. 

  • Why Get Your AC Tuned Up?

If your AC is tuned-up, you can save up to 15% on your energy bill. Like any other electrical appliance, AC needs care, especially if it is old.

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  • What is Included in an AC Tune-up?

There are a few practices that are included in the process of AC tune-up, which includes:

  • Checking the blower motors and belts. 
  • Testing the thermostat  
  • Reviewing the settings of the AC
  • Changing air filter
  • Lubricating all the parts of the AC that do some movement.
  • Tighten the electrical connection
  • Cleaning the condensate drain
  • Checking controls
  • Cleaning the coil
  • Measuring the level and charging of the refrigerator.


  • How Often Should You Get Your AC Tuned Up?


The frequency of tune-up is considerably dependent on the age of the unit. Although, it is recommended to go for an AC tune-up at least once a year. 

However, getting a tune-up twice a year would be advisable if your AC is quite old. It is preferable to have your AC tune-up done before the start of the spring season and your heating unit tuned up in the fall season. 

If you have shifted your AC to a new home or bought a new ac, then too, you should get your AC tuned up once for best performance.

  • How Long Does an AC Tune-up Take?

Generally, a normal AC tune-up can be completed within an hour unless there is some complication or extra work. The configuration of your AC unit plays a major role in deciding the time taken up for servicing the unit. 

  • Cost of an AC Tune-up

Multiple factors contribute to the cost of an AC tune-up. Some of them include:

  • The maintenance regularity of your AC
  • The area of your house in square foot
  • The age of the AC
  • The extent of ductwork required
  • The model of your AC
  • The complexity of your AC unit

These costs might seem more, but they are very low when it comes to maintaining your air conditioning unit; if you think about replacing a whole new unit because of its majorly faulty parts.



If you get the tune-up of your AC in winter or fall, it will cost lesser than what it costs in spring or summer. Also, the price varies from contractor to contractor. 

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