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Debunking HVAC Myths In Atlantic Beach, FL

Debunking HVAC Myths In Atlantic Beach, FL

HVAC systems hold a special place in the homes of every resident in Atlantic Beach, FL. However, despite its popularity in every resident’s home, there is a chance that several myths are flying around regarding the HVAC system and its functioning. At times, these myths can be harmless but most may cause you to make a call to the furnace contractors near me when the damage is already done. 

5 Common Myths That You Should Ignore 

For the above reasons, it is advisable to debunk as many of these myths as possible, starting with the following and, therefore, bring in HVAC installers near me only when needed: 

  • Air Filters can Last for an Entire Year Without Replacement 

Air filters are one of the more important components of the HVAC system. Leaving in an old air filter for too long will cause the AC system to lose efficiency and be unable to cool or heat a room. Therefore, technicians offering air conditioning installation near me recommend replacing the air filter once in six months. 

  • HVAC Systems can Survive Without Regular Servicing 

HVAC systems are not immune to sustaining damages over time. Therefore, you must conduct regular maintenance services like tune-ups which will help to detect repairs before they have gotten out of hand. 

  • Larger HVAC Systems are Better 

For some homeowners, larger systems translate to faster cooling and lower electricity bills. However, the size of the HVAC systems depends on a variety of factors. These include the space of the home, number of people in the home, airflow, climate, and the exposure to direct sunlight that it receives. Therefore, when looking to install a new system in your home, it is best to bring in the professional that belongs to that “best furnace installers near me” category. 

  • Calibrate the Thermostat to a Low Temperature to Cool the Room Faster 

An HVAC system cannot cause any change in temperatures instantly. Cooling or heating always takes time, irrespective of the temperature you calibrate your thermostat to. Therefore, the time it takes for the system to change the temperature by 10 degrees is the same as that of 5 degrees. As a result, setting the thermostat to extremely low temperatures to cool it faster is ineffective. 

  • HVAC Systems Can Cause You To Get A Cold 

Another common misconception is that HVAC systems can propagate colds. However, this does not have any truth as colds are usually caused by microorganisms known as viruses present in the air or on surfaces and not with low temperatures. Therefore, if the virus is present in the home, you may be infected even if the HVAC system is turned off. 

By debunking these misconceptions, you can make more informed decisions regarding the welfare of your HVAC system and the services it may need from professional HVAC companies. In case your system requires servicing or repairs in Atlantic Beach, FL, consider getting in touch with us at Island Heating and Air today. Book an appointment today!